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Ep 74 - Neuropathy

Neuropathy is a chronic pain issue that people are turning to cannabis for more and more often; mostly because conventional medicine has been neither convenient nor effective. But there are different types of neuropathy! Who knew? Not me until recently... Using my experience helping patients I break down some places people can start when dealing with pain. Sometimes smoking is NOT the answer, in fact topicals and edibles seem to be far more efficacious! In the Safety Meeting my stoner gurus have dropped something for us all! Presenting.... The Twaxtip ( @twaxtip on Instagram)

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First, from the Safety Meeting:

Twaxtip on Instragram SO COOL!

Sir MF Patrick Stewart giving Esquire the low down

And now the ...SCIENCE!

Several entries on PubMed I found useful when thinking of neuropathy, and THCA.

Understanding neuropathy better, from an allopathic viewpoint.