The Spliff Potcast


I wish I could tell you I was a doctor, or some mad, brilliant stoner scientist, but I'm not. I'm just a stoner. Maybe just like you? But getting a part-time job at a dispensary completely changed my life, and ignited a passion that I never thought was possible. Maybe just like you...

I discovered a talent for understanding cannabis, and helping others do the same. I never thought that I would even be able to tell the difference between two strains, yet alone understand how to use cannabis medicinally for myself and others! But as it turned out, with the right information I can really help improve my own and other people's lives. And I couldn't stop talking about it! I couldn't stop sharing. It is literally impossible for me to shut my mouth about it sometimes. I couldn't stop learning.

Couple that with a working knowledge of voice over, add in some inspiring heroes at the Marijuana Today podcast, and a stoner moment that a podcast could really help patients too. Throw in a pushy friend (thanks Ryn - I owe you big time) and The Spliff Potcast went live!

I hope you find it helpful, entertaining and, most importantly, inspiring enough to speak out about the undeniable benefits of this most incredible plant. 

And hopefully we'll smoke some bowls together in the process :)

I've done other things in my life; I studied Antiquities, worked as a bartender, might be the best trivia emcee in the history of the game... but voice over and cannabis are the two passions I can spliff together and share with the world. Puff puff pass.