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Ep 99 - The Golden Age in the Golden State

Hey everybody! How's it going? Long time no talkie, but I'm back! Life kind of took me all over the place there, but I've landed in LA, and I've got some opinions on the new regulatory nature of the cannabis industry. Regulation has sure changed a lot about access and pricing, and not much of it is good, yet. While legislators try to better understand the industry, small businesses and consumers are paying the price. Literally, with taxes well over 20% in most places. But if you know where to go, you can still find some deals. This is a floater episode, to finally check-in and bring a little of that 411 you might need before you plan your trip to Cali, or just venture into the legal adult market. And introduce you to an unexpected but not wholly improbable new friend... Who just happens to be helping me find some tasty new vapes to try. Thanks for Spliffin' it, everyone!


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Ep 91 - Sweet Dreams: Cannabis and Sleep

A good night's sleep can change the whole world!

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