The Spliff Potcast


Ep 95 - Dry Mouth: Dental Health and Marijuana

Dental health is the cornerstone of overall health, but smoking has clear implications on that health. Even smoking cannabis! Is this the Achilles heel of our beloved weed? HELL NO! Heat and smoke can be big instigators of gum disease, but cannabis isn't the culprit! In the end, there's no proof that smoking cannabis is any more detrimental than not smoking cannabis, beyond the expected side effects of heat and dry mouth, which aren't uniquely caused by pot at all! They're very normal things every person will deal with in their lifetimes. The good news is that cannabis can also reverse the effects of gum disease and gingivitis, boosting the benefits of oil pulling and remineralization with a focus on reducing inflammation and pain. Let's talk about the future of your daily cannabis use! In the Safety Meeting this week, we shout out to ...water! Can't live without it. Also, I dish about using raw cannabis infused olive oil to fight intestinal bloating! I'm not alone...

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Toothpaste recipe

Cannabis infused coconut oil, 1/4 cup each raw and active infused

Bentonite clay, to taste (I used some that had spilled into my container, about a half tsp -just do what makes you comfortable)

Essential oils to taste (I used orange and clove oil, a few drops of each)

Calcium powder til stiff

It's not a perfect recipe, but that's my base! This is a non-edible formula, to my knowledge.