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Ep 94 - Doctor's Visit: Dr. Rachna Patel

This week we bring another interview: Dr. Rachna Patel, Medical Marijuana Doctor. She's been in the Bay Area helping all kinds of people discover the benefits of MMJ. Using empirical science, and unafraid to reach out to her professional peers, she's a shining example of the future of medicine -accepting of cannabis! And she's dedicated to her craft, filling an area patients are desperate for, and many other doctors aren't willing to look into, despite their Hippocratic Oath. Sit back and find out what being a marijuana expert with a medical degree means, what it's like to be a medical doctor embracing cannabis, how it's affecting the medical industry and what she's doing to push this specialty into a more respected subfield. Hear from an ACTUAL DOCTOR about the science of cannabis, its applications and the most cut and dry way to approach this new area if you're feeling a bit trepidatious about trying cannabis for yourself. Dr. Patel is all about sharing good information, something we all advocate for around here at The Spliff Potcast. After the interview I get Blunted about some of the changes and bridges that need to be made between stoners and doctors. Then I dab some distillate! That's right, a buddy hooked me up with one of the hottest dab trends, the dablicator, just to hear what I thought. So toke in, and let's Spliff It!

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