The Spliff Potcast


Ep 96 - Just Breathe

Breathing, we all gotta do it, right? Should be easy peasy, but why do I get so wheezy? Well, my cannabis enthusiasm might have gotten me there. But I'm a new age stoner! I'm not above taking some time to get to know my toke. And it's gonna help be a better breather soon as I can stop coughing. Because cannabis as a spiritual and physical medicine is integrally locked with our breath, and we can play them off each other. If we got slow, and stay mindful. Or go big and stay mindful; you do you, boo. Inhalation is too important a method of cannabis to be afraid of it. Speaking of which, in the Safety, I blow the podcasting world up with guessed it! Breathing! And some awesome Creme de Canna Super Glue sugar. Super Glue is a more indica leaning version of the Glue family. It keeps me relaxed as I ponder the future of cannabis as medicine in this western world. Will my dream of a stoney, cannabis life center ever come true?

Cannabis Health Radio (Ep 199 is the episode I talk about)