The Spliff Potcast


Ep 91 - Sweet Dreams: Cannabis and Sleep

A long overdue insomniac's version of The Spliff Potcast. No, I'm not interviewing Dave Attell, I'm gonna talk about how, and a little bit about why, cannabis can help you get a better night's sleep. The trope of the dopey stoner isn't just a negative stereotype, it's a physiological effect, which you can harness! That's easier said than done for some of us. As America gets turned on to the benefits of a non-habit forming, non-toxic way to relax into a deep sleep more people than ever will see just how safe and relaxing cannabis can be. And some of us will deal with anxiety, strain tolerance, varying dosages and after-effects! Like growing, it's just not as simple as it seems it should be, sometimes. There is no real fool-proof plan or strain I can give you, but there are some helpful tips and some redirections you can take if you find your eyes stuck open at an ungodly hour of the night (or day!). From CBD to CBN and all the THC in-between, you've got options. Knowing all the available means can help you find the best mix for your needs. And don't underestimate those other influences, be it TV or some aromatherapy, the trick is to make cannabis  a part of your routine.


I really lagged in getting links up for this one! I should have more eventually, but in the meantime, learn more from this solicited article, it's actually pretty good and I really enjoy a more mainstream approach to integrating cannabis into your daily lives. Plus, find more, non-cannabis, tips that can help you maximize your rest.

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