The Spliff Potcast


Ep 92 - Dosing and Bioavailability

When it comes to choosing our best medicine there's a lot to know. But it all starts with optimizing the options that cannabis provides. There's more to getting the best medicine than simply tokin' -A LOT MORE! Some people need options that don't flood their system and brain with THC, while others do. We're gonna focus on some examples of ways and reasons that is. Fighting an injury is a lot different than fighting mental health, and you should use every weapon in your arsenal to get back to maximum health, as quickly as possible. That means finding the right dose too, of course. When it comes to dosing, there's just no easy answer. There's no mathematical conversions and there's no safe guess ...well, actually they're all safe guesses, if you listen to your body and fight for that sweet, safe access! In the Safety Meeting I bring it back to bangers! Cannabis concentrate are a like a fine wine, they have aromatic properties that are unlocked with different glassware!