The Spliff Potcast


Ep 98 - Taking Your First Dab (and, ya know, Depression)

Hey everyone! Sorry for the hiatus, but it's been a storm around here, and I ain't even anywhere near the hurricanes! I talk a bit about some personal experiences in trying to fight off the depression that can come with major changes, and how sharing cannabis has improved my life in ways that fight my depression without ever even ingesting it myself. Then I get down to a listener question! What are some tips for those who are totally new to this dab thing? Beyond some of the things I've talked about in other episodes, and barring some of the more personalized aspects of getting started (like buying a good rig for you), I give some practical tricks for dealing with what the use of cannabis concentrates on a regular basis means. In a rambly kind of, "hey, I'm two weeks late and my neighbors are noisy and distracting" kind of way... ya know, the usual. This week's Safety we dish out some Jillybean, but no dabs today. I gotta go to the store to fix my torch! Just one of the essentials we discuss this week.

Chain link fencing

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 VapeXhale  and Firefly 2

What's a dab mat? Just a fancy word for silicone liner, just like in many kitchens. Go for a soldering mat if you want to really get high temp protection!

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