The Spliff Potcast


Ep 1 - Getting to Know You

Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out my potcast. In this first episode, I tell you a little bit about me, and a whole lot about what to expect from future potcasts. We delve into some of the terms you'll come across, as well as my favorite method of medicating: topically! I'm gonna hook you up with some great reading, as well as new products that can help you improve your stoner game. This potcast is packed to the gills.

Looking for something I talked about? 

Funky Music : Kevin Macleod "Slow Burn"

BadKittySmiles' coconut oil for lotions or edibles

Martin A Lee's book on the sociopolitical history of cannabis Smoke Signals

The awesome Hemplight!

Humboldt Hemp Wick My favorite hemp wick and provider (seriously, they're amazing) But there are LOTS to choose from!

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