The Spliff Potcast


Ep 11 - Indica vs Sativa: At the Dispensary

Back on track, we finish up discussing Indica vs Sativa; by the end you might be able to walk into your dispensary with an idea of how to ask for what you want. The real key is to walk in knowing what you need. Being articulate about your desired experience makes a big difference, but it really comes down to availability and your budtender's knowledge of the menu. Not all budtenders are equal! Research your dispensaries for a better advantage. We talk a bit more about the influence of CBD, edibles and the effects of the smoke; just some things to keep in mind. I also share my personal experience with some of the ways I medicate for depression.

Looking for something I talked about? 

Americans for Safe Access' Czech Research Center with video on Facebook

Research your dispensaries! Weedmaps or Leafly should know!

Pharmaceutical options are Sativex and Marinol

Overnight dispensary serving all of CA Goddess Delivers