The Spliff Potcast


Ep 63 - Secret Stoner Guru Sesh

We got that fire and shit be bangin' - you know it's lit up in this mofo! Bust out the Urban Dictionary because I brought my stoner gurus over for a sesh. Ooooh, we're going deep into stoner culture this week! Not only did I have an incredible time at Secret Sesh LA, I scored a crap ton of goodies! Instead of breaking it all down for you though, I figured I'd invite over the guys who turned me on to this great event, and we could sesh it up for everyone! Keeping up on stoner culture is a lot of work. There are also LOTS of dabs happening this week. Which means a lot of coughing! lol We talk about the eye widening VIP bag swag while we up our stoner game with some nose dabs! They're way more awesome and lung-friendly than they sound at first. Don't worry we'll try it first. You just pack a bowl, sit back and get the latest on how I keep sharp on my stoner skillz: @jkirby1987 and @steveo_da_bandito !!! 

Chain-link for your needs

Find my buddies!

My buddy Seth's Facebook page for Greener Pastures

Steveo and Kirby's Instagram pages

And lots of the things we talk about:

Secret Sesh

Grower Bert Baccarat's Instagram page

The Mytech mug dab rig that was come up on

Downtown Patients Group and Greenwolf  two LA dispensaries

Three Tokes, or 3Tokes website with all her socials

Black Jesus, Gomez and Roor