The Spliff Potcast


Ep 37 - Let's Get Digital

Hey everyone :) This week I spend time talking about myself. From sharing the wins to the rants; hope it helps!  Then I talk about my experience trying to become a digital dabber, with my enail! Unfortunately things aren't going really well. There's some serious health issues that have come up for me, and I'm having trouble navigating around them AND using all the tools I like without taking out a loan. WHY can't I just have my cake and eat it too? Where's that ganja genie? Luckily experience and an opinionated cannabis culture means we don't have to dead-reckon this thing, or give up on our dreams. To wrap it up, an especially illuminating Safety Meeting this week. Or is there a little more...

A few things to check out:

A little bit more info about seasoning

The thread on Fuck Combustion that I found

And a little more info on cyanide poisoning that led me to stop using my ti nail