The Spliff Potcast


Ep 39 - Workin' the System

It's that time of the year. Time to renew my doctor recommendation as a California medical cannabis patient! It's a motley system that's got its good and bad. But I'll take CA over pretty much any other state out there. There's some advantage to being the first; like, not having a preset fear that every Tom, Dick and Jane living on Pothead Lane was gonna have immediate access know, natural medicine. The horror! I grabbed this one outta the vault this week. It's short and sweet, and features the greatest timed "ding dong" of my life!

Lookin' for that info? 

How to work the system by state, navigate what "legal" means.

Welcome Ohio! Making the total count 25! 

HelloMD referral link, if you are so inclined. You get money off, and so do I.

(But probably not, because...AUMA, baby!!!)