The Spliff Potcast


Ep 46 - RSO or CBD Oil, The Basics

Cannabis concentrates is one of the most controversial topics in the industry, politically speaking. It's saving lives, children's lives! But it's also some of the purest, most potent "weed" you'll ever try. The problems persists that the more potent the pot the more impactful the medicine, which creates a paradox for prohibition. (Tell that to the DEA!) Luckily, getting your hands on it is getting easier every day. But it won't be as easy as that! Finding the right medicine in a very ambiguous marketplace is often misleading. Purposely misleading. We're laying down some of the basics when it comes to determining what type of concentrate is right for you. The traditional THC-rich Phoenix Tears, or the newest miracle/snake oil, CBD? To help you out further, I give a personal experience so you have an idea of the power of bioavailability. We cover your alternatives if a black mucky goop isn't your preferred medicine. And then we wrap it up with some more basics of safe access in the Safety Meeting.

Cuz I said I would, Realm of Caring