The Spliff Potcast


Ep 51 - Cancer and Cannabis: The C Words

Breaking out my serious tone in this week's potcast, because we get serious. About cancer. Cannabis is a known option for treating the effects of chemo and cancer, but then there's the whispers of cancer cures in concentrate forms... Rumors and whispers aren't the most reliable information, and cure is far from what we want to start saying, but even science says cancer shows promising potential. But people don't have time to wait for research! So let's get real about how to go about this, in the labs and in the home. Whether you want to fight against cancer, or just fight for your right to party while living with cancer, cannabis has your back. For this week's Safety Meeting, I talk about an enlightening (and pain relieving!) strain review: Candyland.

Links together:

First, an excellent article on how cannabis works overall.

(This guy is WAY more eloquent than I've ever been. But he does have the advantage: real time edits!)

Here are some gov't articles I found helpful

(Those are meant for medical professionals, but there's a "Patient Version" you can go to)

Here are those compilation lists I talked about

Over 100 US studies on Cannabis and Cancer

Granny Storm Crow's list of ailments and studies

Studies being done in Spain

And here are lots of articles and even a video to check out more about your options and what people are doing

Medical Jane talks about how Israel ROCKS the research

An excellent compilation of information by doctors. (They'll sell you stuff too, but the info is good. )

Rick Simpson's Phoenix Tears guidelines

Leafly brings the people at the front lines to attention, and here's the full length of the movie they talk about.

And that company that I couldn't remember the name of... they're called Pharmacyte now, not Nuvilex