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Ep 49 - Bosom Buddies: The Entourage Effect

Why does cannabis work so well sometimes, and not so great other times? Well, it's all about how this complex system works with YOU, mostly. To wrap our tiny brains around this massive concept, many refer to the Entourage Effect, but there's too many shining stars on this bud to focus on just one! Hundreds of identified components makes this a puzzle for the ages. The Synergism of cannabis is the key to its success, and scientists' failures. Sometimes the key to understanding something isn't just about how it breaks apart, but how it all fits back together. As we hang out to Safety, I bring out the activist and get blunt about California's upcoming Prop 64. The difference between good and bad legislation usually boils down to semantics, where good legislation reads like Shakespeare. Unfortunately Prop 64 reads like the IRS code. Will California sell out medical cannabis and its patients so it can get rich and stoned? I hope not...

Information provided by ProjectCBD

A quick review of California's Prop 64. It's full of typos and hyperbole, but it's a quick overview.

Proposition 64's full text

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