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Ep 68 - Think of the Children!

We're keepin' this one a shorty -just like some of our favorite people, children. Where do they fall in this new legalish market? Should they fall anywhere? Of course they should! You don't get the most potent, non-toxic medicine in the world and then get to say that children shouldn't have access to it! If anything treating children with cannabis can be the key to changing everything for them. It can be the difference between life and death. It's time to stop pretending like there's a reason to keep it from them when there just plain and simply isn't. Don't bogart the knowledge, share it with those who are too young to go out and vote for it. And somethings new came just in time for the Safety...

Diversive links (get it?)

Morgan Freeman

TheraJoyCBD - their website might be down so check out their Twitter

Some of the studies I talked about are linked to in this article (but be careful, they also link to a lot of their own articles!)