The Spliff Potcast


Ep 66 - Terpenes Plus: The Flavors of the Flower

This week we dive into an advanced course on terpenes! By now you probably know that they're what make indicas and sativas, but let's look a little closer. I've mentioned many times that terpene testing, as important as it is, is still inadequate, so let's look at some of the things we know that are missing. Esters are the most available at the moment, that strawberry banana flavor I've been enjoying, and the grapes that are gonna be upon us next (that's where my money is) are influenced primarily by esters. But there is so much more! The essential oil market, and the fragrance industry can offer some curious and enlightening insights into cannabis formulas. And I'm sure cannabis will do the same for them. It's already started! In fact, you can get your favorite strain delivered to your door anywhere in the world -legally! But, of course, there's a catch. As we safety, I puff on that Double Dream again, check out Greenhouse Seeds' Flavor Wheel to play with the terps and pull out new flavors, as well as let you know about new ways to help the potcast out!

All kinds of references to link to!

First, some synonyms for nuances - and sure that was more for me than you, but I wanted to be accountable

There are several sellers of non-cannabinoid derived terpene mixes that resemble cannabis strains.

Here's a few I found (this is where you'd go for the make your own shatter cartridges)

The article that broke down the different categories of fragrance components

Where I read about THCA being an ester, and a basic High Times' breakdown of the ester movement.

Some podcasts to look to the Adam Dunn episode I talked about and a Ganjapreneur one I didn't.

And of course my new fave Grow From Your Heart Ep 77

The Greenhouse Seeds Flavor Wheel (it's at the bottom)

And a couple articles on terps: one from the trusted ProjectCBD and one from the not as trust NIH