The Spliff Potcast


Ep 71 - Sativa Diva

Hey guys! Things are going well, but it's been another busy week, so time to pull out a banked episode. I sat down a couple months ago to talk about an Amnesia strain that was kicked down by a grower friend of mine ...and I end up proving how much of a Sativa Diva I am! But it ain't just about the flower, I bring a tasty edible I discovered at Secret Sesh to your attention. ChugALug and I mix up some Holy Headband and White Buffalo to bring it back to cannaseur levels. You remember White Buffalo, the one that I said I should never smoke in a potcast again? Let's see how it pairs with a sativa that keeps my mouth going! That sounds like a great idea. I'll be back next week with some new stuff. Take care everyone!