The Spliff Potcast


Ep 81 - Flying High

It's ok to ask, you want to know how to travel with your meds? Let's talk about some options. No matter your needs, we'll discuss your best options for staying medicated when you're traveling - flying is stressful enough as it is! The best thing to remember is to relax! And of course, that'll be easier if you can take your meds with you. Don't let the "noids" win, just be smart about it. But I check in with ya about 4/20 first, in the Stoner Moments! Nerd that I am, I was so happy to help out Bahar with her research, if you'd like to contact her about your vaping experience you can reach her at Then in the Safety Meeting, I talk about chasing the incredible flavor dragon known as Slymer. I'm starting to get obsessed with the limonene heavy strain. 

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