The Spliff Potcast


Ep 79 - Female Friendly Sesh

Howdy y'alls! This week is packed with Stoner Moments, Shout outs and Seshin'. Me and the lady friends hit up the Secret Sesh to take a friend's mom out for her birthday. It was her first big cannabis event and her expectations were high. But the scene wasn't quite right. So, I'm on a mission to find a new stoner scene, a female friendly sesh. Before I talk about my new mission though, I've got some new and old Stoner Moments to get back to, and some shout outs to lay down. In the Safety Meeting I try out the High Hemp blunt wraps -no tobacco here, friends, but will it satisfy those stoner needs? Yeah, I think I'll manage! Especially when I've got the Golden Pineapple all twaxed up with some Blue Headband to try it out with.

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Get some hemp wraps and kick the nicotine!

High Hemp wraps AAAAND Juicy Jay makes hemp wraps toooooo!

Get your sesh on!

Secret Sesh, and the hopefully more female friendly Friday Night Sesh