The Spliff Potcast


Ep 85 - Depression, Too

Well guys, it's back. Depression has been the bitch in my bed lately, and it's not giving up easily. But neither am I! This is the reason why I medicate, this is why I'm a patient. I wish it were different, but til then I'm just grateful for cannabis. I've found miracle strains, but they're hard to keep in stock. I'm pulling out all the stops to get through this, and taking some of Bad Kitty Smiles' advice (finally!) to do it: MCT oil!  While depression might get me down a bit, it's not gonna take me out, and I've been keeping busy in lots of other ways. Let me tell what I've been up to that's a bit more cheery! It's time to Rise & Shine! In the Safety I revisit something I thought I was done with, the cartridge pen, specifically CO2 oil. Companies are claiming more flavor than ever, but do they deliver? 

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