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Ep 4 - Vaporization and Intro to Concentrates

It's the first Potcast recording since launch! In a new segment I'm calling Stoner Moments I touch back on last week's potcast.  We talk about methods for vaporizing flower, cartridge pens, vape juice tanks, and pen vaporizers. The Health Stone, E-Nails, and the best of all Dab Rigs. I share my new favorite use for shatter, and it's not getting me high! It is saving me a lot of money and grief though, as well as being inspired by cancer fighting technology. Concentrates get a bad rap, but I talk about some of the reasons they're invaluable, and historically are nothing to be afraid of. In the Safety, I answer some listener questions, give some tips for dealing with  pull and snap wax, smoke some super giggle-inducing Dutch Treat and talk about the Nail Crown -a product I'd like to try!


Looking for something I talked about? 


The Nail Crown looks worth checking out to me, and they have a wax holders too

If you're looking for community, this is the most dedicated: Fuck Combustion ...kind of says it all, no?

If anyone knows where to score a video of this Noodle they talk about - hook it up!

And two great dispensaries I love going to: Anaheim Patient Care (Not collective) and The Higher Path

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