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Ep 5 - A Bite of Edibles

After I ate too much edible yesterday, let's discuss the importance of moderation when trying edibles. This includes knowing which type of cannabis is right for you, the milligrams of cannabinoids involved and how our body accepts the cannabinoids. Following up or starting out with a lipid (oils and fats) and/or an alcohol can magnify the already potent effects of edibles. Might want to rethink that cookie if you've had a few drinks! But first we touch very quickly on some of the hottest current political events: California, Ohio, Mexico -it's all happening so fast! In the Safety, we discuss the KindScope and scope on some trichomes, while tokin' on some Dream Queen, a sativa dominant strain.

Looking for something I talked about:

KindScope They have so many products, but I was specifically talking about these.

Kiva Bites are just one of many delicious products made

Bhang Bars use a recipe as old as time

The amazing  BadKittySmiles for recipes, science and ideas

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