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Ep 6 - Tinctures, Sublinguals and Suppositories

A quick introduction into the lesser known options of medicating, which are the BEST options for patients seeking a controllable edible, who cannot eat or metabolize normally, or the sneaky would-be toker. The options' effects vary from very mild to WHERE'D THAT TRUCK COME FROM?! So get informed before you jump in! VA doctors in medical states can finally discuss mmj with their patients thanks to a Congressional spending bill, and some persistent legislators. Happy Veterans' Day! do I find weed? No more street corners for legal patients. As we Safety, we take it to the internets for some options -no Bitcoin required.

Looking for something I talked about:

Weedmaps, Leafly, Google It

Bad Kitty Smiles website

VA doctors can finally discuss MMJ with their patients.

Kevin Macleod still bringing the funk with Slow Burn

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