The Spliff Potcast


Ep 7 - Skin Deep: Topicals

Lucky 7! In this episode I hypothesize about the absorption of topical applications, and what might be another reason for some of the psycho-activity experienced by sensitive users. But science really needs to get on this! Til then, I'll take what I can get - do they still need subjects for that intravenous study? Did you know topicals aren't just lotions and salves? You can use one of the oldest forms of pain relief: the poultice. Feel like a witch and make some herbal magic pain relieving potions. Even for those intimate moments! In the Safety I discuss the Cannalgesic line of topical products. My anti-wrinkle secret weapon!

Looking for something I talked about:

Cannalgesic lotions and topical tinctures

The US studies on rodents, plus one shooting people up to get high!

Doc Green's explaining their preliminary findings.

Hemp oil THC absorption number crunching

Jolly Meds candies

Learn more about cannalube! Foria can help ya out.