The Spliff Potcast


Ep 8 - Indica vs Sativa Pt 1: Terpenes

The Question that's too big for just one Potcast: What makes an indica vs a sativa? It's different for growers vs tokers, but maybe you're one in the same? Well, the short answer is terpenes, so that's where we'll start. But it's the effects that we need to know so the tl;dr of it is: indicas act as neuro-depressants and sativas act as neuro-stimulants. Knowing your needs and being educated on the possibilities is essential to discovering your perfect strain. Luckily there are White Knights of Science helping us out, specifically at the Werc Shop. Listener questions get answered; can just putting weed on food get you high? In the Safety we take a look at the CVault, and my experiences with TSA (spoiler alert: No problemo!)

Looking for something I talked about:

The Werc Shop

CVault website, but it's available on Amazon too!

And don't forget the Boveda packs!