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Ep 9 - Indica vs Sativa Pt 2: Nuances & CBD

Delving deeper into the fragrant black hole of terpenes; it's a nuanced study. Terpene wheels help you level up on your stoner game, and discuss weed like a snob. But also educate us on how to expand our medicine cabinets like a pro. Cannabis breeding has a long history of rebellion and subversion; and we salute them for it! The spats, locales and effects of these strains' roots can often be identified in the names gifted to them. When experimenting with CBD, these differences still come into play, so proceed as needed. In the Safety Meeting, I head back for some Dutch Treat, and throw in a little Key Lime Pie. I have a sweet tooth ...what can I say?! Speaking of, get ready for a sweet glass giveaway thanks to the awesome Ethan Lesch


Looking for something I talked about:

Ethan Lesch @glassrootz

Test results for the CVault and Swandog62 (creator) shares some tips for using it!

You can get them on Amazon too

Just one of many Terpene Wheels this one by Greenhouse

Here's another, and why not one more? One matching up terpenes to smells: here

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