The Spliff Potcast


Ep 13 - Weed & Depression

We end the year with lucky 13, and a very personal entry of The Spliff that I hope you find useful. We Safety in the beginning as I give you an update of my review on Actitube filters. Then I talk about a recent bout of depression I've bounced back from, why I contribute so much of that success to cannabis and how I pay attention to my disorder as a way to find the best strains in the moment. By describing how I use cannabis as one weapon against depression, I hope to highlight how marijuana might be applied to you, no matter what your needs are! Medicinal cannabis is going to revolutionize the medicine industry because it can really target a patient's needs on a very "as needed" basis. While this isn't the best option for everyone, encouraging people to discover their own bodies well enough to target several issues is a great skill for everyone! From depression to PTSD, anxiety and bi-polar disorder, mental health and its treatment is in for a BIG change. Thanks for a great Spliffin' year!

Looking for something I talked about?

Derp! It's Marty DERosa. He's a comedian and wrestling fan. 

Actitubes I prefer the larger, as opposed to the slim