The Spliff Potcast


Ep 14 - Trichomes and Cannabinoids

I love trichomes! We take a closer look at what exactly those crystals on your bud are. Hint? They're filled with your meds! We talk about some things to look for when growing, or when checking out your local dispensary. Learn how to spot the best grown product. While terpenes orchestrate the experience, cannabinoids dial it up or down. We focus on phytocannabinoids, since we're Spliffin' it. With over 100 cannabinoids potentially in your weed you've got so much more than THC to think about. CBD may be the bell of the political ball right now, but the Entourage Effect deems it almost powerless without its buddies. And what's this THCA, CBDV, CBC?! It's not alphabet soup, that's part of your medicine! We finally sit down to Safety and talk about Dime Bags. No that's not a seed-filled, over-priced bag of b-grade, we're talking high quality (wink wink) premium goods at totally reasonable prices. Me and my Sherlock don't go anywhere without our Dime Bag!


Looking for something I talked about?

Dime Bags Weed not included. Might be on Amazon here


Wondering where to look for some research? Here's a few links I checked out before we Spliffed it.

SC Labs breaks down some basics

The GW Pharmaceutical study I referenced.

One of the best High Times articles I've ever read.

More tricks on harvesting.