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Ep 15 - Pot Quiz: Test Results

Pot Quiz: let's test some weed! But first, we go over some news, like my new answer for the old question, "has weed gotten more potent?" CA is getting ready to regulate, are you? And then Weedmaps. What.the.fuck, Weedmaps?! Don't you know how important testing is? I get blunt about serious oversights made by the popular website. Moving on, we talk about why testing is so important, how to read test results using an example from Steephill-Halent, and some of the new ways that testing is going to revolutionize how we find and think about our medicine. In the Safety ....It's a GLASSROOTZ GIVEAWAY! Find out how you could win!

Looking for something I talked about?

Terpenes trump THC once again! Check it out on O'Shaughnessey's

They talk about NIDA's change of heart too

A few companies in the genetics race here, here and here for the real OG

And a few of the labs you can find:

MRX in Portland, Steephill The Werc Shop and SC Labs are big players in CA

Check out Ethan Lesch's glass and Marty DeRosa's Twitter


Here's the glass pipe for the giveaway! Comment below, and listen for more ways to enter!