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Ep 16 - CBD: Cannabidiol

Everyone's talking about it, so why shouldn't we?! CBD! We start with Stoner Moments, touching back on a few past episodes this time. Then we head into the history and basic science of CBD aka Cannabidiol, the sister-cousin of THC. This includes how CBD works with our bodies, who should use CBD, what to expect when medicating with CBD rich or CBD dominant strains, how to identify CBD (TEST IT!) and a little politics to round it out. The Stanley Brothers are the poster boys of Medical Marijuana ...whether I like it or not, and Charlotte's Web is the lady behind them, making it happen. But she's not the only option!! There are so many unique and varied CBD laden strains being discovered and  bred every day. And most importantly, we learn that CBD is not the miracle that so many wish it to be, and yet, it is. In the Safety we talk about hemp wick and why you should be using it! My favorite? Humboldt Traders, naturally. More details on our GLASS GIVEAWAY!! Comment to win!

Oh, and that formula? Was 0.8! 0.877 in fact. So the equation for expected THC is: %THCA(0.877)=Expected %THC

Looking for something I said I'd add? 

Want to get some hemp wick? Great choice! Here's my fave, Humboldt Hemp Wick on the West Coast, and another good option - I love their boxes! - Hemp Wick Handmade by Hippies, on the East Coast.

The uh-mazing Hemplight and on Amazon

Stanley Brothers's site and Reddit AMA from 2012

Project CBD has great info, and I'm assuming quality products. Though I've never tried them. They also take on Big Hemp. Big Hemp struck back, and it's an ongoing quality assurance fight. Vunderbar for us patients!

CBDCrew has some questionable material included, but some unique treasures of information as well! Be discerning, but the journey is the adventure, right?

And an informative two part article on cannabinoid development.

Music thanks to the amazing Kevin Macleod on

and where I found that decarb number