The Spliff Potcast


Ep 17 - Sneak A Toke#1: Weed Allergies

Hey all, here for a quick session, which I'm titling Sneak A Tokes! This Toke we'll be discussing allergies to cannabis, and just what that entails. It's not the cannabinoids, so plenty of people will benefit from cannabis as medicine. They may need to be on the look out for the terpenes, pollens, molds and potential food allergies. Sometimes it's just the smoke being irritating. But don't worry! Really! No one has ever died from cannabis, and most allergies will be manageable for most. There are some serious issues, which are very important to create an awareness about. In the Safety, we revisit Kush Color by @SuperApplePie on IG. Even though I think I said sugar every time...

Looking for something I talked about? 

Here's that study where they talk about the one dude... a search for hemp seed is a pretty quick shortcut straight to it.

SUPER Apple Pie with the Kush Color!