The Spliff Potcast


Ep 18 - Buying A Sack: Weights

A brief look into what to expect when you want to purchase weed. This one's for the newbies, certainly, but maybe I've got something I can still drop on the rest of ya? Gotta listen to find out! Oooooor I could just say WEED TAMPONS! Well, not really weed tampons, but definitely an inspiring new product for our ladies in distress. I dish a bit more about this tantalizing headline-making stuff. Then we get down to the retail. Some patients have never bought any weed ...EVER! Some have never bought more than an eighth but want to grow and sell to dispensaries. Maybe you're looking to interview for a dispensary job and want to sound like you've been slinging since birth even though you're still buying dubs? We're covering grams to pounds to satisfy them all. Do you know your weights? In the Safety we talk about every toker's BFF utensil, the Poker! Glass GIVEAWAY is still on! Don't forget to like and share, call or whatever! Listen to Ep 15 or 16 for more details. Thanks to Kevin Macleod for the smoking music on FMA, "Slow Burn" 

Looking for something I talked about? 

Foria's vaginal suppositories. (or as the media likes to say WEED TAMPONS!)

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