The Spliff Potcast


Ep 54 - Munchies: Inducing and Coping

This week we delve into one of the darkest and most dangerous corners of the cannabis world: The Munchies! duhduhDUH... but this often dissed side effect of your favorite intoxicant is also a really important medicinal use! If you're trying to reclaim your appetite back from disease or disorder, or keep a reign on those junk food cravings, we're gonna dish about it all. There are no big secrets here, unfortunately. Whole plant is pretty essential to making sure you have the best success at inducing appetite, adding CBD can help stave off a junk food binge, but nothing's guaranteed when you lower your inhibitions and trigger the body's endocannabinoid system for that healing response! To keep it thematic, the Safety Meeting is dedicated to... staying healthy and doing something! We get down with some funtime salad mix and talk about how to not let yourself succumb to the munchies.

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The study that shows an increase in olfactory sensitivity and regulation by the ECS

An article I enjoyed if you need a little more moral support

And finally Go Ask Alice ... don't take it too seriously, but do realize that your drug journey should be an educated one.