The Spliff Potcast


Ep 55 - Lyme Disease and The Parent Trap

There's so much to take from this week's potcast, and not just because it's so long! My friend let me set up the mic while we sesh, and she tells me about her personal journey being diagnosed with Lyme Disease and how she has developed as an mmj patient throughout.  She not only has all that going on, but has to deal with the fact that her daughters are carriers of the bacteria as well. Parenting with chronic illness doesn't leave a lot of time to be wishy washy! She's made some tough choices and come a long way in her almost 20 years as a card carrying CA medical patient. The most radical changes have happened in the last two years, however, and the most important factors? Access and education. While western medicine has failed at treating chronic pain, auto-immune disease and managing overall costs, healthcare remains a basic need that affects the whole family. So the discussion turns familial. Since parenting choices are so personal, unique perspectives like hers are always interesting.

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