The Spliff Potcast


Ep 59 - Building Tolerance & Committing to Cannabis

So many people are apprehensive about trying cannabis. They've had bad experiences in the past, or they're afraid of what could happen if they take too much. The good news, not much worse than a really bad afternoon! The bad news? You still have to TRY! So let's discuss some of the things to help build the resolve to tackle a low or beginner tolerance. The key is to look at the facts, and the facts are overwhelmingly in cannabis' favor. Next is to GO SLOWLY! As long as you're regularly trying, there's no way to go too slow. Then, let's get some truly professional advice in on the discussion! In the Safety Meeting I toke on some Chocolate Hashberry, because it's almost my bedtime! But before I drift off, I want to tell you about my newest schwag - a Jane West "Weekender" I scored from my fave MJ Today Daily (I told you guys you should be listening!) 

Come for the weed, stay for the links:

Jane West's "Weekender

Dr. Bearman's book list

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And while I didn't mention it on this potcast, I've talked about Dr. Dustin Sulak  before; a great resource for online health professional information and starting slowly!