The Spliff Potcast


Ep 60 - Danksgiving Schwag Salad

Yup! That's right guys, it's Danksgiving and what did I bring? Shwag Salad. I don't care how you spell it, it's all some people got this holiday season, so let's make the most of it, shall we? The opposite of sensimilla, or more appropriately sin semilla, brick weed has a little more work that goes into it. But for some people that extra work is the ceremonial difference. When it comes to keeping it old school, and finding weed that let's you roll a serious fattie (without falling on the floor) schwag very much has a place in this industry. The customer's always right! Therefore, we gotta know how to tell quality schwag from that hazardous shwag! In the land of the needy, there's no lab testing! It's up to our nose and common sense. Then, what to do with all those seeds and stems that come with it? There's no reason to throw them out! When we say every part of the cannabis plant has medicine, we mean it! Let's contain it. When I get the rambling out of my system we move over and Safety! I freak out on the crazy things kids say nowadays, and I got a special strain just for Danksgiving dinner. Medirecreating at its best, sneak a toke of this Blue Diesel to help you deal when Nana insists on that second slice of pie. You don't want to let her down, do you?! DO YOU?! 

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