The Spliff Potcast


Ep 61 - Red-Eyed Stoner Salad

Happy December! I'm pretty sure my body is going into hibernation mode, and it's got me feeling a little dreamy. That heavy-liddedness can really make the eyes glow for some people. Is there any hope for those who suffer from a case of the red-eyes? Not much, unfortunately. But a good allergy defense, and a few OTC options can make things a lot more comfortable in the long run. Be wary though, Ben Stein may not have your best interest at heart! Before we get to all that though, I brought leftover stoner salad! 

Light-hearted links

Gotta have my Refresh eyedrops lol

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A couple other generic resources

And a forum breakdown on the benes and boons of rodelization

The Weekender by Jane West

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