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Ep 21 - Soothing Sue & Weed Etiquette

Howdy! It's my first interview episode, and I'm so happy to have my friend Sue, from Soothing Sue's. Before I let you jump in on the session though, I gotta lay down some rules. Yes, there is weed etiquette. It's pretty lax though, I mean, we're a bunch of stoners. A lot of it varies with access, but the basics are... be a mensch! Like Sue, who I am happy to bring on so she can teach all of us a bit more about how to utilize mmj by discussing her products, Soothing Sue's edible massage oils, and (non-edible) body lotion. Unlike most medibles that are THC based products, her's focuses on THCA, which still holds a lot of surprises for me. As we Safety, I review my experience with it as a dessert topping, and why I'm so interested in her product as a patient.

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Goddess Delivers. I am a sometimes patient. 

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