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Ep 22 - Decarboxylation: Get High...or Not

This week we delve a little further into something I bring up quite a lot: decarboxylation, or decarbing for short. What does this organic chemistry have to do with getting us high and tapping into that endocannabinoid system (ECS)? Just like, everything! A little molecular change can open all kinds of new doors. This is a natural process we speed up with heat. And if you want the best brownies for your party or therapeutic needs, you need to know the  best way to go about making them. In the Safety I talk about Bad Kitty Smiles incredible and widespread posting about how this process can be used for edibles and vape-ables. Since I've just finished capping off my own cannabis infused coconut oil concoction... Isn't alliteration grand? I also give you some tips for what I've learned along the way. Don't forget to take Weedmaps' survey! 

Looking for something I said I'd add?

Check out Bad Kat's Pharmacy! My hero!  Go here to access the FC forum posting to go straight to the recipe.

Here's a good article for some pointers. But remember, the science is still up in the air.

Leafly has a pretty good write up, I thought, on THCA. A great starting place.

And then SC Labs coming in with some layman's science to help us better understand more of the major cannabinoids. I've enjoyed all of these, but wanted to spice things up with sending you to THCV ;) 

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