The Spliff Potcast


Ep 23 - Arguing the Experts

Well, it finally happened, I got sick. But that's not gonna stop me from getting out a potcast! This week, pardon my froggy voice (my sexy sick voice was yesterday, sorry!) as we go over some Stoner Moments, get Blunted over Snoop's Golden Ticket Contest, and then introduce something different with a recording I have in the vault. The Experts Speak is a Florida based podcast that deals with many issues in the realms of mental and public health. I wondered what professional concerns their expert opinions might have about cannabis. Boy, was I disappointed! I take an excerpt from their July 1, 2015 episode to respond to some of the non-expert like things I listened to. These are popular arguments against legalization from many sides, but will they hold up? (spoiler alert! Not very likely)

Looking for more research or how to find TES?

Here is a list of many studies 

An even more extensive collection here 

Dozens of studies here that are whittled into easy to digest abstracts

And then of course our own government has TENS OF THOUSANDS of studies on this plant. 

And I haven't even yet linked to other countries like Israel, Uruguay, and England...

Over here, if you want to listen to "The Experts Speak" podcast.