The Spliff Potcast


Ep 25 - Funtime Salad Talk

Activism is exhausting you guys! I don't know how the incredible team at Americans for Safe Access (ASA) does this on a regular basis. They're angels. But I don't have time to go into the entire Unity conference. Today we're just gonna sesh out a bit. Stoner Moments: we find some new ideas and some desperate ones. Have you wondered, 'what's the deal with this live resin?' Well, I'm gonna set it straight for ya! But not before I tell ya how to find, and grow, the best weed! (it's in CA, duh! Just like the Cannabis Cup now...)


CARERS Act language and link for your representatives in Congress

Find your House Representative

Find your Senators

Americans for Safe Access has so many resources!

Kristin Nevedal is our champion for patient focused medicine through natural, outdoor cultivation! The rest of the staff is pretty incredible too!

Deadhead OG on experience was not typical at all.