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Ep 26 - Americans for Safe Access #Unity16

The birds are chirping, and we've got a brand new potcast! I begin to unravel the jumble of exhilarating memories from my weekend with ASA's National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference 2016, my favorite time of the year. (Yup, even better than 4/20!) My weekend was packed with the latest in: advocacy on all levels of politics, modern research on the global scale (and by groundbreaking heroes!), cannabis industry -centered on patient needs, and patients themselves, naturally. All rounding out with a Citizen Lobby Day, that brings patients into the halls of DC's legislation makers, speaking out and for ...well this year, for the rescheduling of cannabis under the CARERS Act! It is my honor to have been your vehicle in the vicarious vida. Hope you join me next year!

Looking for something I discussed?

Americans For Safe Access, the coolest kids in school! 

Here's that paper I was talking about

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A few of the speakers and people I discuss:

The Werc Shop/Jeff Raber    Dr. Dustin Sulak/  

 Kristin Nevedal    Talana Lattimer    Lumir Hanus