The Spliff Potcast


Ep 27 - Passing a Drug Test

Big changes in the air around drug testing; The CDC has taken a stance against it! WHUT?! Yeah, that really happened. In light of the serious pharmaceutical problem this country faces, the Hippocratic Oath, cost prohibitive practices, and the overwhelming research that shows no contraindicative reasons to keep patients from using cannabis the CDC shines out as a voice of reason in an often ignorant bureaucratic system.  But let's talk about how to pass all those other pesky drug tests! There's no legal protection for patients, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna give up my meds. Cannabis is hands down the hardest drug test to pass, but there are ways to get around it, if you're smart about it and willing to go the lengths. We discuss some options, and I share some ...very personal stories from my own experiences. 

Looking for something I talked about?

Roy Upton from the AHP, and a UMMC study on  the herb he discussed for its anticancer properties.

The CDC's statement and a great blog article about it

Some extra drug testing tips from NORML, which also offers drug testing help for its members! Nice.