The Spliff Potcast


Ep 30 - Rocky Mountain High

I went to Colorado for my first time this past weekend. While I wasn't there for the weed, I certainly didn't let that stop me from having a great cannadventure. I Goldilocks my way through for the stankiest strains, and the DANKest dispensaries. My sweet tooth takes me on an edible adventure, and I fare far better than a friend does. The altitude is no joke guys! Which, naturally, means I really wanted to take a dab up there! Especially since I purchased this new-to-me-thing called zombie resin. Luckily I came across a cannabis smoking club. Let's just all take a moment of pause for how wonderful that phrase sounds...  As we safety, I talk stoner games. Well, A stoner game.

Looking for links? Oh, I got your links...right here.

Stoner games: Bowl Off

How to spot blasted buds. Don't let this happen to you!

iBake in Denver

And my favorite dispensary from my journey, DANK

That procrastination case you need a little encouragement to put some things off.