The Spliff Potcast


Ep 31 - Weed and Anxiety

Anxiety and marijuana go hand in hand; whether you are finding relief with a puff of pot, or dealing with weed-induced apprehension. When it comes to weed-induced, most people have found significant relief with...legalization! It's amazing how not being worried about going to jail relieves A LOT of paranoia that most people experience when they get high. But, truth be told, there is still anxiety inducing cannabis out there! Even potheads can find unwanted thought patterns creep up during their journey. Some people have routinely bad experiences. The good news is that there IS an option for all of us to avoid the 'noid! Even those who are riddled with anxiety, listening to society tell them how cannabis can help, but are so sensitive that even CBD doesn't bring you peace- you have options too! When it comes to treating anxiety and marijuana, there are numerable possibilities. 

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