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Ep 32 - Pot and Pregnancy

Allowing expecting mothers to use marijuana? Go figure, I think this is a Woman's Rights issue. Because it damn well is. There are risks, to be certain, but there are also options. We handle some Stonerish Moments and celebrate the further lambasting of NIDA's policies and practices, Bluntly. Then we get into it, balls deep, about women using cannabis during one of their most vulnerable times, pregnancy. But ...smoking a joint for morning sickness? Smoking has its hidden dangers, but it also has forgotten benefits. Let's find some balance. And alternatives! Because there is one thing we know for sure, marijuana helps when nothing, NOTHING else does. And we all know a woman who can benefit from that. In the Safety Meeting I introduce you to the newest member of my glass arsenal. An old school frankenbong named in tribute to the incredibly impactful Breaking Bad ...and then: we get gendered about glass. 

Looking for links? 

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Four women's experience, provided by VICE

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And here's the reply from Cannabis Reports

"To answer your question about the blue and yellow that do not appear on the key, yellow refers to diphosphate synthase, and the blue is an alkylation reaction specific to the precursor: geranylpyrophosphate:olivetolate geranyltransferase (GOT).

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An ASA article on the NIDA "misunderstanding" of our UN treaties.

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