The Spliff Potcast


Ep 33 - Funtime Saladbar

Another week, another potcast. I'm a little emo today, but we get some fun stuff out after I go to the Funtime Saladbar. Then a bunch of catch up Stoner Moments I want to get to: oopsies, oh yeah!s, shout outs and my horoscope. What? It's totally relevant. Then we talk about a few great stoner tid bits. Like a new story about THCA and hemorrhoids, and AAA supporting the use of reasonable cannabis testing for drivers. Because not all stoners are alike, and this is a real safety issue. Seriously, I must be high to get behind the wheel. It's like headlights in a light rain or fog, you may not see how it helps you, but it really helps me. Ok it's very little like that, but turn on your headlights, yo! And I close it out with some Smiles. 

Looking for some further info? Came to the right spot!

AAA Foundation on Impaired Driving

Another article on the matter I found useful 

Bad Kitty Smiles' website if you aren't familiar with her

Broadly Monthly Horoscope.